Web Developer (Craft CMS, ExpressionEngine)

We are looking for experienced Craft CMS and/or ExpressionEngine developers for contract work.

Web Developer (Craft CMS, ExpressionEngine)



We'd like to expand our contact list of contractors that have experience with Craft CMS and/or ExpressionEngine to help us out when workload overflows our current capacity.

This could be a local (Grand Rapids, MI) or remote person.

Responsibilities Might Include:

  • Develop front-end templates using Twig
  • Help maintaining older ExpressionEngine sites; templating
  • Adding fields and sections to a CMS
  • Writing CSS; HTML markup
  • Maintaining frequent communication with core team


  • Previous experience with Craft CMS and/or ExpressionEngine
  • Familiarity with MySQL
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning (Git)
  • Intermediate knowledge of Javascript
  • Competent grasp of HTML/CSS
  • Familiarity with command line
  • Familiarity with a build process (Gulp)

Bonus Points

  • Strong knowledge of PHP
  • Experience with Foundation CSS and/or SCSS
  • Front-end HTML experience

About Masuga Design

Masuga Design has served clients nationwide with custom CMS solutions for 12 years. We’ve developed projects for the likes of Google, Adobe, FOX Networks, Image Comics, Scripps Networks, A+E, Toys’R’Us, Pep Boys, World Market and more.

We specialize in helping small to mid-sized businesses get the most out of their content-managed websites through our focused expertise with Craft CMS. We also work with select agencies to support them with the development side of their web projects.

Please Say "Hi"

If this contract opportunity sounds like it is in your wheelhouse, keep in mind we'd love it if these things could be said about you:

  • You have meticulous attention to detail.
  • You are motivated, resourceful, and self-directing.
  • You exhibit the ability to research and solve problems independently.
  • You have strong communication skills - written, spoken, and interpersonal.

Say "Hi" by sending an introductory email (hello@gomasuga.com) with information about yourself (no calls). Or, if you're a part of the Craft CMS community in Slack, you'll know where to find me and can ping me there.