Masuga Design helped HESCO update their very old, practically uneditable, and nearly forgotten site into an easily updated, CMS-driven information powerhouse with far and away better SEO. The site has become a reputable source of industry information in their niche.



  • ExpressionEngine Development
  • HTML/CSS/JS Development
  • Responsive Design
  • Site Architecture/Planning


HESCO’s site benefitted from a revamped design and a complete reworking of the site structure that allows users to easily navigate between manufacturers, products, sales reps, news, and documents. A powerful search helps users immediately find what they’re looking for.

Content Relationships. The HESCO site content has extensive relationships, making it easy to display the content in numerous ways on the front-end. Products are related to manufacturers and related documents, as well as relevant news items. Manufacturers are related to news and sales reps. Each type of entry has a page, facilitating a lot of cross-site "deep" linking.

Optimization and SEO. We revamped all the URLs to make sense and be easy to read. By putting products, manufacturers, and the sales reps in different channels, we ensured they all have unique pages that are easily indexed by search engines. We ensure that images are sized and cached appropriately for mobile devices. The content editors have full control over the meta information for each entry, including social share images, so that their content looks as good as possible when shared on various social networks.

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