ExpressionEngine Experts

Masuga Design has developed highly custom websites with ExpressionEngine for over ten years, helping companies of all sizes with effective content management.

Why Work With Masuga Design?

  • We have over ten years of experience with ExpressionEngine. That's thousands and thousands of people-hours invested in the CMS. We use it every day, on projects of all scopes and sizes.

  • In 2015, Ryan authored The Guide to ExpressionEngine Development, a 216-page guide that clearly explains best practices in EE development, from folder organization, to security, to version control.

The Guide to ExpressionEngine Development by Ryan Masuga
  • We've developed custom add-ons for ExpressionEngine since 2007. One of our more popular ones is Link Vault.

  • We're members of the ExpressionEngine Pro Network (since 2007!).

  • Ryan spoke about using ExpressionEngine with Git version control at the 2010 EE Conference (more info).

  • We created and maintain (since 2009), the #1 unofficial resource for ExpressionEngine add-ons.

  • We were humbled to be voted Best Impact To the ExpressionEngine Community for our work with devot:ee at the 2013 ExpressionEngine Conference. Just look at that shiny award.

Masuga Design 2013 Best Impact to the ExpressionEngine Community
Such a shiny award! 2013 Best Impact to the ExpressionEngine Community
  • We've been hired again and again to take over when other EE developers have gotten in over their heads, or when EE sites need to be optimized. If you're experiencing problems with your ExpressionEngine site, learn more about how we can help you with ExpressionEngine Rescue.

  • We've themed ExpressionEngine Forums…more than once. For anyone who knows all that's involved with the Forum module, you know that alone should be considered "paying your dues" towards ExpressionEngine expertise!

  • We spell ExpressionEngine without a space. That's right. It's "ExpressionEngine," not "Expression Engine." Run the other way if you see any developer passing themselves off as an EE expert while spelling it with a space.

  • Not to toot our own horn (that's what this page is for, isn't it?) but in a 2014 poll of ExpressionEngine users on Twitter, Ryan Masuga came in as the 2nd most influential individual in the ExpressionEngine world, and Masuga was a top five ExpressionEngine development shop.

But enough about us already. All this is to say that when it comes to ExpressionEngine, we know what we're talking about. We know how to make ExpressionEngine sing.

Does your company need a technical partner with ExpressionEngine experience? Learn more about how we partner with agencies, or contact us today to discuss how we can help your ExpressionEngine project be a success.

What Our Clients Say

  • Masuga Design takes the time to understand what we need and...our projects end up better than we expected.

    Dan Wisniewski, Controller, Waterfall Productions
  • We had a really good experience working with you and your team. Thanks again for your outstanding work.

    Jeff Lowe, Director of Technology & Operations, JESS3
  • Since working with Masuga Design, we’ve never looked back. These guys are truly awesome and experts in ExpressionEngine.

    Amy Palmer, Principal, Managing Partner; Digital Lion Marketing

They're happy. You can be, too! Get in touch to see how we can help you succeed by leveraging our ExpressionEngine expertise. Call (844) 262-7842 or email today.

The Guide to ExpressionEngine® Development

Learn a practical method for developing ExpressionEngine projects and version controlling them with Git.

Learn More About the EE Guide
The Guide to ExpressionEngine® Development