Craft CMS

Craft is a commercial open-source CMS that is intuitive for content managers to use, and flexible and robust enough for complex website needs. 

Why Choose Craft?

We've used Craft for over three years now, and have launched successful projects that include customized functionality and highly optimized templates.

Here are some reasons we think this CMS is great for content editors and developers:


There are many CMS platforms out there that end up making content management much more cumbersome than it needs to be. Craft shines in this regard, offering a robust and scalable platform fit for nearly any project.

Are you considering WordPress for your next web project? Download our free Craft CMS vs. WordPress Comparison Guide to find out why Craft might be a better choice for you in the long run.


Craft allows for any website to have a fully custom front-end user experience while maintaining that same level of customization to developers on the back-end.

Commercial Open-Source

You pay a one-time license fee to purchase the system, and there's a fully dedicated for-profit company servicing, backing and constantly updating the product.


Craft supports responsive designs, allowing your website to display beautifully on any device. Craft's control panel is also responsive, making updating your content easy no matter where you are.

Live Preview

Live preview is a must for content managers. Users can preview changes in content, prior to saving the entry. You can also share content that you're working on with other team members by using a sharable preview URL. The live preview in Craft CMS is perhaps the best one we've seen.

User Permissions

Craft makes managing teams and groups of users extremely easy. You can group users together, and restrict what each individual user, or user group, has access to across the site and within the control panel.

It's the People

We know the development team behind Craft CMS, and can attest to their desire to make a flexible, content-editor friendly, forward-thinking content management system.

What Our Clients Say

  • Masuga Design is a great strategic partner—they’re magic. Their knowledge of ExpressionEngine is invaluable. I don't know how we could offer a CMS solution for our clients without Masuga Design.

    Chris Converse, Partner; Codify Design Studio
  • We had a really good experience working with you and your team. Thanks again for your outstanding work.

    Jeff Lowe, Director of Technology & Operations, JESS3
  • Easily one of the best experiences I’ve had with a development team. The launch could not have gone any smoother. 

    T.M. Camp, Project Manager, Williams Group

They're happy. You can be, too! Get in touch to see how we can help you succeed by leveraging our Craft CMS expertise. Call (844) 262-7842 or email today.

Craft CMS vs. WordPress

Considering WordPress? Find out if Craft CMS might be a better choice for your next web project. (14 page PDF)

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Craft CMS vs. WordPress